Is French Open on TV?

If there is a tennis tournament that you wouldn’t want to miss considering the magic that the players showcase on the court, it’s the French Open. Unfortunately, not everyone can get two weeks off and visit the expensive and beautiful city of Paris for the French Open tournament. The best option is that you can always choose to watch French Open TV streaming via the various platforms that offer streaming services.

Being an international sport, it would be very mean if there was no option for the millions of fans who would not make it to the venue to watch the match, and that is why the French Open tournament has given its broadcasting rights to various TV channels across the world. This has made it easier for tennis fans to catch the action from anywhere in the world wherever they are, be it at work or home via their TVs.

Is French Open on TV

When it comes to watching the French Open on TV, you can either use a cable, or you can always stream via various options for those who have gone cableless.

  1. Watching French Open using Cable on your TV

For those tennis fans who still prefer using cables, you can watch the French Opens on your TV on various channels depending on where you are located. Some of the channels which live broadcasts this event includes FranceTV and Eurosport 1 and 2 in France, ESPN, TSN, NBC Sports and Tennis Channel in America, Star Sports in Asia, Fox Sports in Australia and

  1. Watching French Open without a cable on your TV

There are also various channels that you can tune in to watch the French Open, and you do not need to have a cable. Some of the most preferred platforms that have channels where you can catch the French Open Tournament include Sling TV, Hulu TV, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and DirecTV Now.

Can I Watch NASCAR Online

Watching the Nascar races online has become a trend for NASCAR fans. The Nascar races broadcasting is carried out through several networks (some for free) which include fox sports, NBC, and FS1.

Can I Watch NASCAR Online

  • NBC Sports live

The NBC Sports app is free. It charges $4.99 monthly and requires less than 5 minutes to set up. You need to download the app to your device and then sign in to your subscribed TV service provider then get access to the online streaming service.

  • Nascar mobile app

The official NASCAR mobile app allows access to free features like live race, position-time tracking, live radio, and in-car cameras. It also has a paid subscription of $4.99 monthly or a onetime fee of $29.99. This app doesn’t allow live streaming of races.

  • Cable-free online streaming

You can live stream Nascar races online in FuboTV and Hulu which has numerous sports channels and a seven day free trial period. Other ways to watch Nascar events without a cable are sling TV, AT&T now and Youtube TV. These are some of the best ways to watch NASCAR Daytona 500. The races are available on Fox for free and you can access them through the local Fox channel if you have a digital antenna. Streaming services will be the other option to watch NASCAR Daytona 500 if you lack a cable and need to watch every race. Cable TV is associated with high costs to get access to their services making millions of fans to turn to the online streaming services which are way much cheaper compared to the cord services.

Last Words

There are also many websites that offer streaming services but they tend to be operated by pirates. It’s a risky process your device might get a malware and piracy breach can land someone in prison or get penalized with a heavy fine.