How do you qualify for AMA Supercross?

Motorbike riding is the passion of the brave in this era. If dirt bike riding, bike racing on uneven path thrills you, then the AMA Supercross is your place to be. AMA, or American Motorcyclists Association, started in the 1970s and gained popularity in the country due to its adventurous paths and intrepid tracks.

But how do you qualify for AMA?

You can qualify for AMA Supercross by winning the 250SX Future class and earning the license. The score is a minimum of six, and you can carry them forward to Future 250 SX class from over 250 AX.

To know more in-depth, continue reading as we ensure that you will find all the details of the qualifying process in this article.

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Qualification Process in 2021

Get your adrenaline rushing by participating in the upcoming AMA Supercross, which is to take place starting from January to May of the next year. Be prepared with your gear, racing suit, and safety helmet as the stadium venue is a replica of actual steep slopes and mountains.

Supercross live stream

The first three chances of qualifying are by winning two heat race format, which is 250SX HEAT and 450SX HEAT. Along with it, you have to qualify through 250 SX last chance Qualifier and get a chance in the 250 SX Main Events. For the 250 SX Heat race and 450 SX, twenty riders can participate.

From there on, ten-twenty are sent to 250 SX and 450 SX last chance qualifiers, while nine of them get a chance directly to the Main Event. About four riders from Last Chance Qualifier get a chance to participate in the main event while the rest go home.

In the Main Event, 250 SX and 450 SX categories, twenty-two riders in each category are selected, and points are awarded to them. Nearly all the participants will get at least one chance to make it to the main event. Time plays a crucial role in this event as heat races will have six minutes for one lap while the LCQ will be five minutes for one lap.

In conclusion, there are several requirements depending on respondents’ fitness level and the bike they use. Even if you’re not a biker but enjoy watching bike racing from the comfort of your home, you can watch supercross online to catch glimpses of the intriguing races.

Bathurst 1000 Live Stream Outside Australia

The Bathurst 1000 has a free streaming option available to them. Some of us may have a difficult time to find the ways we can watch the free Bathurst 1000 streaming live race. If you are in New Zealand, there are other options for you to watch the race live.

New Zealanders can go to the Sky Go platform simply to stream this device. Once you have signed up for the Sky Go subscription, you’ll have to download the app to your device and go to the live desktop site.

Bathurst 1000 streaming

To those who live outside of Australia and New Zealand may have to invest in the Super View. Super View is a live streaming service that is offered by the Super Car championship. You get live streaming access to all the races of the season.

If you have access to a VPN and have a credit card, you should be able to sign up for the Foxtel Now for free anywhere in the world. You will get a two-week free trial and you pay nothing.

Another way to watch the Bathurst 1000 overseas is to sign up for a motor trend on-demand service. This is a live streaming service specifically for automotive events. Right now, there is a 14-day free trial project just like Foxtel Now.

If you need help finding a VPN, there are several top VPN choices for you. Strong VPN has exit points in 15 different countries and it is a cheaper package compared to others. For only $7 per month, you can become a subscriber.

Vypr VPN is a VPN service that is brought to you by Golden frog. VyperVPN costs$14.99 per month. It is easy to connect to their services and with a variation of devices available at your fingertips. Subscribing to a VPN, especially when not from the country, it’s easier to watch the broadcasts live and not get homesick too.

Kentucky Derby Location: Maps & Directions

Where is the Kentucky Derby located? The Kentucky Derby is at Churchills downs and this is in Louisville Kentucky. In order for you to catch the Kentucky Derby live action, you may want to know how you’re going to get there.

First, we should find out the physical address of Churchill Downs. The address is 700 Central Avenue, Louisville, KY 40215. Now that we have the address, we can map out exactly how long it will take us to get to the Kentucky Derby if we were driving,

Kentucky Derby Location Maps Directions

We enter our coordinates and we figure to bring up directions for our drive to Churchill Downs. We are in Georgia as of now, therefore, it will take us six hours and twenty-two minutes to get to the Kentucky Derby.

Basically, once you have the physical address of where you are staying that weekend or just to Churchill Downs itself, once you enter it into the GPS, you should be able to find your way to the race.

If you decide to fly to the Kentucky Derby, the flight will take about one and fifteen minutes. Once you have arrived at Churchill Downs, getting around the area is your next feat. There are plenty of places to stay in the area, however, unless you have booked ahead of time, you may encounter some vacancy issues and you may have to pay 300% more for a room during this time.

When you decide to come out to the Kentucky Derby so you can enjoy the experience and the race, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. You should always make sure that you have already booked everything well in advance and you aren’t running around looking for a place to stay and end up spending money on a bad motel room. Planning this trip out is the best advice to give.

F1 Monaco: Triple Crown motorsport

Watching the Monaco GP live is very exciting. Just like horseracing, motorsports have a triple crown as well. The triple crown of motorsport is an unofficial motorsport achievement of victory in three of the most prestigious races that are in the world of motorsport. These three races are the Monaco Grand Prix, which is the Formula One race. Followed by the Indianapolis 500, which is from Indy Car, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, from endurance racing. There has been only one driver that has completed this feat, Graham Hill.

Triple Crown Motorsports

There is also an alternative definition which would include the Formula One World Championship, instead of Monaco GP, in which case Graham Hill is still the only driver to have the Triple Crown. The Formula One World Drivers’ Championship is given to the most successful race cat driver over a season. It is determined by the point system based on Grand Prix results of that year.

The FIA world championship of drivers is the equivalent to today’s Formula One. The triple crown is the most sought after in racing. Each of the races is different from the other. The racers have different types of cars and the circuits are different as well. Few drivers attempt it at all. In fact, only 19 drivers have completed it in all three legs.

The hardest race of the triple crown is the endurance race. Endurance racing suits experienced drivers, this is a feat that drivers try later on in their careers. You definitely should be a seasoned driver if you’re thinking about attempting this triple crown.

The Monaco Grand Prix will be apart of history. The races are all extremely important and this could begin someone’s drive to win the triple crown one day. Who knows what this race may bring, we’re just excited that it is coming soon.

Watch Indy 500 Live Online

The 2019 Indianapolis 500 is set to be on 27th of May, and just like any other racing event, this will be an exciting one. If you are a follower of racing games, then you will agree that the Indy 500 is one of the biggest motorsport games.

While it is popular motorsport, it has fans across the world. If you are among those fans, am very sure you are looking for the way to watch this exciting event. The cable TV might be the option, but unfortunately, it is costly.

If you need to cut some cost of watching this event consider the Indy 500 live stream

watch indy 500 live online

Watch Indy 500 Live Online while in the US

While in the US and you need to watch this exciting motor racing, the NBC lets your worries covered. It is the best bet that will facilitate you stream your favorite sport in the US. Though they offer their services through cable and satellite TV for online viewers, they can access the race on their official site.

You can stream the race from their website using your computer or mobile gadget that can access the internet. They also have an NBC app, though you will be required to log in and provide the cable subscription details.

Watch Indy 500 Live Online while in the UK

If you in the UK and you need to watch this motorsport on your computer or any other streaming gadget, then BT sport should be your option. They will be airing this race in the UK. To watch online,   you are required to subscribe and then stream from their site.

What if when you are outside the UK or US?

Being outside the US or UK doesn’t mean you are not able to stream the Indianapolis 500. If you are a racing fan, there is still one option for you. The alternative is to use a VPN.

Luckily, many VPNs have been proved working. However, among other VPNs, we recommend the Express VPN .it comes with 30 days of the test, and this implies that you can stream from NBC using this VPN free.

Other VPN you can also use depending on your location and whether if you want to access UK or US streaming, are NordVPN and VyprVPN.

Last note

The Indy 500 is exciting motorsport and if you are racing enthusiasts, missing this event should not be your option. As it clear that you don’t need a cable or satellite TV, stream your favorite game online.

10 Pros and Cons of Animal Rights

Watching the Grand National live online is going to be amazing for most of us. There are, however, animal rights groups that do not feel the same way. We have a list of pros and cons of animal rights to keep in mind when watching the race.

10 Pros and Cons of Animal Rights


  1. The lives of animals can be saved.
  2. Animal deaths do not benefit humans. When an animal dies, humans do not benefit at all. Some of the ecosystems can be damaged and humans can eventually pay for it.
  3. Tests may be unreliable. These tests can be avoided in a period.
  4. It costs a lot of money to experiment with animals. Think about food, shelter, water, and care, add it up and it’s a lot.
  5. More Disposable money would be available.
  6. It has led to medical advancements for humans.
  7. Enhanced safety for the products we use.
  8. There aren’t really any other options.
  9. Some animals are almost carbon copies of humans.
  10. It has a different group of legalities.


  1. Many items that are tested are never even used.
  2. Animal experimentation can be extremely expensive.
  3. Allows safety tests. This means that it is immoral to test certain drugs on animals as well, but they are often done every day.
  4. Reduced Risks for Humans. Every test that is done on animals can cost animals their lives but can save humans.
  5. Poses a problem with food consumption. Animals do provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that you cannot find anywhere else.
  6. Cruel and inhumane treatment. This one is self-explanatory.
  7. Animals are poor test subjects.
  8. If you succeed in animal testing, it doesn’t equate to human safety.
  9. Can cause misleading research.
  10. Less expensive alternatives to animal testing.