As it happen: Spence vs Garcia

The much-anticipated fight between mike Garcia and Spence junior is a topic that has been and is still hitting the air. The date for this event has been made official, and most people in town are now talking about this event while they try to contemplate who will become the winner.

If you are like the most fan, you don’t want to miss this event that will take place on 16th March 2019, when Mikey will be high to challenge the one and known weight class fighter, Spence. It is a fight of its kind that you should not miss.

Unfortunately, the clash is not readily available on most of the paid TV. Few broadcasters will cover the event.
It is on this account that we are here to show how you can stream the match free. So if you have been looking for Spence vs Garcia free live streaming, then here is how.

Free streaming using Firestick

Though there exists a deal between FOX and premier Boxing champion to exclusively cover the event, it is unfair for the fans outside United. But with Firestick, you are guaranteed this exciting clash and most selling on the premier boxing championship fixtures.

With 16 of March just a few days ahead, this is how you can make that you freely stream the fight. First, is to ensure that you are in Uk. Don’t worry if you are not in the UK. You can be there virtually.

If you are outside the UK here is how you can stream from Firestick freely

  1. First, get a reliable and functional VPN. The VPN will aid you to eliminate the geographic limitations. After obtaining and installing a secure VPN, then you are ready for the next step.
  2. Launch your VPN, and from the list of servers select UK server
  3. Then launch a Firestick silk browser. Browse the site, on the list of games, choose the fight, and start streaming. Remember it will be available on outstanding day and time. You will watch As it happens: Spence vs. Garcia.

Last Word

Missing this fight that taking the talks in town is something that you should even not think about. The agreement between the FOX and the premier Boxing Championship should as well not bother you when outside Uk or US. You will stream your most admired game freely by following the above-explained steps. Whether you lack a cable TV, you can change your computer or smartphone into a watch center.