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Watch Indy 500 Live Online

The 2019 Indianapolis 500 is set to be on 27th of May, and just like any other racing event, this will be an exciting one. If you are a follower of racing games, then you will agree that the Indy 500 is one of the biggest motorsport games.

While it is popular motorsport, it has fans across the world. If you are among those fans, am very sure you are looking for the way to watch this exciting event. The cable TV might be the option, but unfortunately, it is costly.

If you need to cut some cost of watching this event consider the Indy 500 live stream

watch indy 500 live online

Watch Indy 500 Live Online while in the US

While in the US and you need to watch this exciting motor racing, the NBC lets your worries covered. It is the best bet that will facilitate you stream your favorite sport in the US. Though they offer their services through cable and satellite TV for online viewers, they can access the race on their official site.

You can stream the race from their website using your computer or mobile gadget that can access the internet. They also have an NBC app, though you will be required to log in and provide the cable subscription details.

Watch Indy 500 Live Online while in the UK

If you in the UK and you need to watch this motorsport on your computer or any other streaming gadget, then BT sport should be your option. They will be airing this race in the UK. To watch online,   you are required to subscribe and then stream from their site.

What if when you are outside the UK or US?

Being outside the US or UK doesn’t mean you are not able to stream the Indianapolis 500. If you are a racing fan, there is still one option for you. The alternative is to use a VPN.

Luckily, many VPNs have been proved working. However, among other VPNs, we recommend the Express VPN .it comes with 30 days of the test, and this implies that you can stream from NBC using this VPN free.

Other VPN you can also use depending on your location and whether if you want to access UK or US streaming, are NordVPN and VyprVPN.

Last note

The Indy 500 is exciting motorsport and if you are racing enthusiasts, missing this event should not be your option. As it clear that you don’t need a cable or satellite TV, stream your favorite game online.

10 Fun Facts about Crawford

Do you know a boxing star by the name Crawford? The Terence Crawford is a former and current WBO junior –welterweight champion. He is also the right lightweight champion. He is also holding number five in the ring magazine. He will have the next fight on 20th of April, to defend his WBO title against Khan. The Crawford vs Khan Live fight will be aired on ESPN Pay-per-view. Here we look at some of the fun facts about Crawford.

facts about Crawford

  1. First, Terence Crawford was born on the 28th of September 1987. He grew up in a challenging estate of Omaha, Nebraska. He is nicknamed “bud.” This nicknaming finds its roots from his grandfather. Some of his hobbies apart from boxing are swimming, basketball, and watching videos.
  2. He is known to be a hot-tempered man since his youthful days. This is sometimes manifested in his fights.
  3. He began boxing at the age of seven. Since then he holds 70 records with only 12 losses.
  4. He turned into a very prominent boxer in the year 2008. This came about after 4-0 in a consecutive five months. The same year was a setback as well. He almost lost his life by a bullet, which browsed his side of the head.
  5. Crawford Terence maintained the unbeaten record for five consecutive years in his career.
  6. In 2018 July, Crawford raised the highest PPV revenue so far after selling between 50-60 0000 and made a $1.3 million.
  7. In 2014 He was honored the boxer of the year by Boxing writers association and ESPN.
  8. He is a philanthropist. He runs the B& B academy that trains youths. He also does some charitable moves.

Free Streaming to watch The Masters

The Masters Tournament is coming soon to Augusta National golf course in Augusta, Georgia. There are many people who cannot wait until this starts, but where will they be able to watch it? Will they be able to watch the Masters live stream if they’re on vacation or anywhere in the world? The answer is yes, all fans will be able to watch the Masters tournament especially free streaming of the Masters tournament live as it happens.

Free Streaming watch The Masters


Streaming Services Available

There are many online streaming channels this year for the Masters Tournament. In many countries, there are fans of golf waiting for the Masters to begin. If you live in Australia, you can watch the Masters live streaming on Plus7 channel. In the United States, ESPN and CBS are streaming the Masters tournament live. In the UK Sky Sports and BBC iPlayer are the free online streaming channels. There are also other ways to watch the Masters online as well. There are many online streaming services that will offer the Masters golf tournament too.

fuboTV is the first online streaming service that will be offering the Masters streaming live from the beginning of the week, until the very end. FuboTV doesn’t have ESPN on their service however they do have CBS and CBS Sports. Fubo TV is offering a 7-day trial as well. Sling TV is another great online streaming service. They have many different bundles and packages and a 7-day free trial. Sling TV has ESPN and ESPN 2 in their Orange and Orange plus.

Hulu with Live TV is another online streaming service that offers the Masters tournament as well. They are offering a 7-day trial also, and you can watch CBS, CBS Sports, and ESPN on here, so you can see the Masters live. You Tube TV will be showing the Masters live from either CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN or ESPN 2. Direct TV Now is another online streaming service that will have the Masters tournament airing on it too. There is a 7-day free trial and you’ll be able to see CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, ESPN 2, and more to show the Masters tournament online.

There is the Masters app that is absolutely free and all you have to do is to download it to your phone and everything will be live and in HD quality sent to your smartphone. With all of these options, you’ll never miss one moment of the Masters.

10 Pros and Cons of Animal Rights

Watching the Grand National live online is going to be amazing for most of us. There are, however, animal rights groups that do not feel the same way. We have a list of pros and cons of animal rights to keep in mind when watching the race.

10 Pros and Cons of Animal Rights


  1. The lives of animals can be saved.
  2. Animal deaths do not benefit humans. When an animal dies, humans do not benefit at all. Some of the ecosystems can be damaged and humans can eventually pay for it.
  3. Tests may be unreliable. These tests can be avoided in a period.
  4. It costs a lot of money to experiment with animals. Think about food, shelter, water, and care, add it up and it’s a lot.
  5. More Disposable money would be available.
  6. It has led to medical advancements for humans.
  7. Enhanced safety for the products we use.
  8. There aren’t really any other options.
  9. Some animals are almost carbon copies of humans.
  10. It has a different group of legalities.


  1. Many items that are tested are never even used.
  2. Animal experimentation can be extremely expensive.
  3. Allows safety tests. This means that it is immoral to test certain drugs on animals as well, but they are often done every day.
  4. Reduced Risks for Humans. Every test that is done on animals can cost animals their lives but can save humans.
  5. Poses a problem with food consumption. Animals do provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that you cannot find anywhere else.
  6. Cruel and inhumane treatment. This one is self-explanatory.
  7. Animals are poor test subjects.
  8. If you succeed in animal testing, it doesn’t equate to human safety.
  9. Can cause misleading research.
  10. Less expensive alternatives to animal testing.

As it happen: Spence vs Garcia

The much-anticipated fight between mike Garcia and Spence junior is a topic that has been and is still hitting the air. The date for this event has been made official, and most people in town are now talking about this event while they try to contemplate who will become the winner.

If you are like the most fan, you don’t want to miss this event that will take place on 16th March 2019, when Mikey will be high to challenge the one and known weight class fighter, Spence. It is a fight of its kind that you should not miss.

Unfortunately, the clash is not readily available on most of the paid TV. Few broadcasters will cover the event.
It is on this account that we are here to show how you can stream the match free. So if you have been looking for Spence vs Garcia free live streaming, then here is how.

Free streaming using Firestick

Though there exists a deal between FOX and premier Boxing champion to exclusively cover the event, it is unfair for the fans outside United. But with Firestick, you are guaranteed this exciting clash and most selling on the premier boxing championship fixtures.

With 16 of March just a few days ahead, this is how you can make that you freely stream the fight. First, is to ensure that you are in Uk. Don’t worry if you are not in the UK. You can be there virtually.

If you are outside the UK here is how you can stream from Firestick freely

  1. First, get a reliable and functional VPN. The VPN will aid you to eliminate the geographic limitations. After obtaining and installing a secure VPN, then you are ready for the next step.
  2. Launch your VPN, and from the list of servers select UK server
  3. Then launch a Firestick silk browser. Browse the site, on the list of games, choose the fight, and start streaming. Remember it will be available on outstanding day and time. You will watch As it happens: Spence vs. Garcia.

Last Word

Missing this fight that taking the talks in town is something that you should even not think about. The agreement between the FOX and the premier Boxing Championship should as well not bother you when outside Uk or US. You will stream your most admired game freely by following the above-explained steps. Whether you lack a cable TV, you can change your computer or smartphone into a watch center.

Best free site to stream the Gaelic football

Are you a fan of GAA sport? How do you watch all the activities of the event? I will show today

There are official broadcasters of GAA in Ireland and the UK where you can watch this great sport anywhere. Unlike with other sports where you can easily access them on your paid TV, this one is is not readily available on TV’s, and you can only watch all the events online.
So how can you watch GAA live stream online? Here are the ways.

While in Ireland

  • RTE

RTE has all the rights to broadcast any event of GAA championship. They also have incredible coverage of GAA matches. They offer the streaming on either RTE1 or RTE2.

  • TG4

TG4 is also another GAA broadcaster in Ireland. They offer some GAA matches every year. If you are GAA fan in Ireland, get this channel on your list.

  • Sky Sports

While in the UK sky sport is another channel offering full access to some of the GAA events. In this year, they will broadcast up to 20 GAA games. Sky sport will announce the games they will cover in this year. So be on the lookout to know which game you will have access.

While outside Ireland

What about those GAA fans outside Ireland or the UK? How can they watch the GAA championship? There are also solutions for them.

Depending on the region, few different platforms facilitate online streaming. The good news is that GAA has done an extensive job to ensure that the GAA can be cheered from anywhere around the world.

Here are the two ways you can watch GAA outside Ireland.

  • Sky Go

Sky Go is an app that can be purchased for 35 pounds. This subscription is monthly or you can for a day subscription of 6 pounds. Sky Go can be accessed on mobile phones .let us see option number two.


GAAGO is an excellent streaming service that was started in 2014 by GAA. It is a remarkable media working in partnership with RTE to ensure that GAA fans outside Ireland or Uk can have access to GAA events. With this media, you will be able to watch over 100 live events regardless of where you are located.

Last note

Whether you are in Ireland or outside, there is no valid reason to miss any GAA event. With the above ways in which you can watch GAA football free live stream online, enjoy your favorite tournament.

Pacquiao vs Broner Weigh-in

The stage is set for a huge fight early in the boxing season this year when 40-year-old Manny Pacquiao squares off against 29-year old Adrien Broner on January, 19 at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

In this fight, Pacquiao is motivated to defend the recent WBA (Regular) Welterweight title he took from Lucas Matthysse last July on a TKO against a hungry Broner who is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Mikey Garcia all the way back in 2017. However, before the battle in the ring begins on the 19th, which is a Saturday, the event really gets underway on Friday night during the official weigh-in that will also take place in Las Vegas. The tentative time when the fighters will hop on the scale is around 5:30 pm Eastern Time/4:30 pm Central Time.

The weigh-in caps off a full week of fight activities that consists of press-conferences between the fighters, open workouts, meet and greets, and other events. With around two weeks to go until fight night, it appears that both fighters are already on track to make the 147-pound welterweight limit. According to recent live streamed workouts and other online media, Pacquiao, who has never really ever had problems making weight, has had a solid camp and is looking lean and strong. Broner, who has had problems making weight in the past due to lack of discipline and focus, recently posted on social media his ripped physique that shows off a cut six-pack. Essentially, he seems to have put the past behind him and appears ready to go.

The weigh-in itself is generally open to the public to attend for free. In recent years, a fee has been charged for bigger fights like Mayweather vs Mcgregor and Pacquiao vs Mayweather. This time around, no announcements have been made of yet that a fee will be charged. So, if you want to see the weigh-in without paying at the MGM Grand, right now, you should be good to go.

Also just like attending the weigh in on site, it typically is televised for free on the network producing and distributing the fight and in this case, Showtime has the honors. If you don’t subscribe to Showtime and don’t want to miss the weight in, then you can always pay for the Pacquiao vs Broner PPV that will showcase all of the events of the fight leading up to actual battle. To make sure you don’t miss out, buy that pay-per-view package early.