How do you qualify for AMA Supercross?

Motorbike riding is the passion of the brave in this era. If dirt bike riding, bike racing on uneven path thrills you, then the AMA Supercross is your place to be. AMA, or American Motorcyclists Association, started in the 1970s and gained popularity in the country due to its adventurous paths and intrepid tracks.

But how do you qualify for AMA?

You can qualify for AMA Supercross by winning the 250SX Future class and earning the license. The score is a minimum of six, and you can carry them forward to Future 250 SX class from over 250 AX.

To know more in-depth, continue reading as we ensure that you will find all the details of the qualifying process in this article.

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Qualification Process in 2021

Get your adrenaline rushing by participating in the upcoming AMA Supercross, which is to take place starting from January to May of the next year. Be prepared with your gear, racing suit, and safety helmet as the stadium venue is a replica of actual steep slopes and mountains.

Supercross live stream

The first three chances of qualifying are by winning two heat race format, which is 250SX HEAT and 450SX HEAT. Along with it, you have to qualify through 250 SX last chance Qualifier and get a chance in the 250 SX Main Events. For the 250 SX Heat race and 450 SX, twenty riders can participate.

From there on, ten-twenty are sent to 250 SX and 450 SX last chance qualifiers, while nine of them get a chance directly to the Main Event. About four riders from Last Chance Qualifier get a chance to participate in the main event while the rest go home.

In the Main Event, 250 SX and 450 SX categories, twenty-two riders in each category are selected, and points are awarded to them. Nearly all the participants will get at least one chance to make it to the main event. Time plays a crucial role in this event as heat races will have six minutes for one lap while the LCQ will be five minutes for one lap.

In conclusion, there are several requirements depending on respondents’ fitness level and the bike they use. Even if you’re not a biker but enjoy watching bike racing from the comfort of your home, you can watch supercross online to catch glimpses of the intriguing races.