F1 Monaco: Triple Crown motorsport

Watching the Monaco GP live is very exciting. Just like horseracing, motorsports have a triple crown as well. The triple crown of motorsport is an unofficial motorsport achievement of victory in three of the most prestigious races that are in the world of motorsport. These three races are the Monaco Grand Prix, which is the Formula One race. Followed by the Indianapolis 500, which is from Indy Car, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, from endurance racing. There has been only one driver that has completed this feat, Graham Hill.

Triple Crown Motorsports

There is also an alternative definition which would include the Formula One World Championship, instead of Monaco GP, in which case Graham Hill is still the only driver to have the Triple Crown. The Formula One World Drivers’ Championship is given to the most successful race cat driver over a season. It is determined by the point system based on Grand Prix results of that year.

The FIA world championship of drivers is the equivalent to today’s Formula One. The triple crown is the most sought after in racing. Each of the races is different from the other. The racers have different types of cars and the circuits are different as well. Few drivers attempt it at all. In fact, only 19 drivers have completed it in all three legs.

The hardest race of the triple crown is the endurance race. Endurance racing suits experienced drivers, this is a feat that drivers try later on in their careers. You definitely should be a seasoned driver if you’re thinking about attempting this triple crown.

The Monaco Grand Prix will be apart of history. The races are all extremely important and this could begin someone’s drive to win the triple crown one day. Who knows what this race may bring, we’re just excited that it is coming soon.