10 Pros and Cons of Animal Rights

Watching the Grand National live online is going to be amazing for most of us. There are, however, animal rights groups that do not feel the same way. We have a list of pros and cons of animal rights to keep in mind when watching the race.

10 Pros and Cons of Animal Rights


  1. The lives of animals can be saved.
  2. Animal deaths do not benefit humans. When an animal dies, humans do not benefit at all. Some of the ecosystems can be damaged and humans can eventually pay for it.
  3. Tests may be unreliable. These tests can be avoided in a period.
  4. It costs a lot of money to experiment with animals. Think about food, shelter, water, and care, add it up and it’s a lot.
  5. More Disposable money would be available.
  6. It has led to medical advancements for humans.
  7. Enhanced safety for the products we use.
  8. There aren’t really any other options.
  9. Some animals are almost carbon copies of humans.
  10. It has a different group of legalities.


  1. Many items that are tested are never even used.
  2. Animal experimentation can be extremely expensive.
  3. Allows safety tests. This means that it is immoral to test certain drugs on animals as well, but they are often done every day.
  4. Reduced Risks for Humans. Every test that is done on animals can cost animals their lives but can save humans.
  5. Poses a problem with food consumption. Animals do provide protein, vitamins, and minerals that you cannot find anywhere else.
  6. Cruel and inhumane treatment. This one is self-explanatory.
  7. Animals are poor test subjects.
  8. If you succeed in animal testing, it doesn’t equate to human safety.
  9. Can cause misleading research.
  10. Less expensive alternatives to animal testing.