Best free site to stream the Gaelic football

Are you a fan of GAA sport? How do you watch all the activities of the event? I will show today

There are official broadcasters of GAA in Ireland and the UK where you can watch this great sport anywhere. Unlike with other sports where you can easily access them on your paid TV, this one is is not readily available on TV’s, and you can only watch all the events online.
So how can you watch GAA live stream online? Here are the ways.

While in Ireland

  • RTE

RTE has all the rights to broadcast any event of GAA championship. They also have incredible coverage of GAA matches. They offer the streaming on either RTE1 or RTE2.

  • TG4

TG4 is also another GAA broadcaster in Ireland. They offer some GAA matches every year. If you are GAA fan in Ireland, get this channel on your list.

  • Sky Sports

While in the UK sky sport is another channel offering full access to some of the GAA events. In this year, they will broadcast up to 20 GAA games. Sky sport will announce the games they will cover in this year. So be on the lookout to know which game you will have access.

While outside Ireland

What about those GAA fans outside Ireland or the UK? How can they watch the GAA championship? There are also solutions for them.

Depending on the region, few different platforms facilitate online streaming. The good news is that GAA has done an extensive job to ensure that the GAA can be cheered from anywhere around the world.

Here are the two ways you can watch GAA outside Ireland.

  • Sky Go

Sky Go is an app that can be purchased for 35 pounds. This subscription is monthly or you can for a day subscription of 6 pounds. Sky Go can be accessed on mobile phones .let us see option number two.


GAAGO is an excellent streaming service that was started in 2014 by GAA. It is a remarkable media working in partnership with RTE to ensure that GAA fans outside Ireland or Uk can have access to GAA events. With this media, you will be able to watch over 100 live events regardless of where you are located.

Last note

Whether you are in Ireland or outside, there is no valid reason to miss any GAA event. With the above ways in which you can watch GAA football free live stream online, enjoy your favorite tournament.